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5 years ago

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My white boyfriend would rather crunch numbers than satisfy my womanly needs. This man is what u would call a “dork” or even a “nerd” but he’s my dork. I was feeling a bit nasty this day so I put the moves on him which this fellow denied. This fellow is either homosexual or non-human since no str8 stud can resist it when I wrap my lips around their pole. Afresh, he would not hear any of it so I had to call in some black chaps who think about white cunt Total and nothing else comes close. I made my boyfriend/cuckold wear a enforced chastity belt so there was no chance this dude could get an erection……….hahaha, like this chab ever could. He witnessed the carnage that was happening as my white cum-hole housed several dark weenies and my face was stuffed full of never-flaccid 10-Pounder. It may appear to be to be evil castigation for him but I don’t even remember the final time this chab made me cum which was no problem for black rods I was partying with this evening. That man cleaned up after our black guests by inhaling all the black ball cream off my body no matter where it landed since this chab knew any future of us jointly would depend on how well this dude cleaned up his girlfriend.


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