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9 years ago

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The wrong side of town is where the right thing is about to happen to Lexi Kartel. The immediate need for “party favors” has Lexi bringing her spineless boyfriend to the worst-of-the-worst cities. The boyfriend is about to score when he is busted by the undercover cop. Lexi, knowing that he’s always been a diminutive in number donuts short of a dozen, isn’t completely surprised that this chab is screwed up. Detective Meaty is about to throw the book at the boyfriend when Lexi’s plea for leniency comes throughout. Lexi Kartel offeres up that white mouth and cunt if her boyfriend is shoot the hook. Detective Beefy risks losing his job/pension if it was discovered that he was using his rank to let fly a pair on a drug charge. Detective Strong doesn’t worry as that chap face bonks Lexi Kartel whilst her worthless boyfriend watches on. Lexi Kartel’s mouth gets her boyfriend off the hook and Detective Rico Rock hard focuses his attention to that creamy, white cookie. Lexi Kartel drops her panties faster than u can say “not guilty” and opens up wide for massive darksome shlong. Lexi lays back and her erect smile is broken down like a door at a drug house. Detective Rock rough slams his large black baton into Lexi Kartel and the cuckold’s potential for jail time diminishes with each dark inch that disappears into his girlfriend. The true judgment comes when Detective Rock hard blows his cum all over that white snatch. The crime scene is just now cleaned up by her boyfriend and her creamy pussy’s mess is now on his face.


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