Christie Stevens

5 years ago

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Christie Stevens and Shane Diesel are the Bonny and Clyde of cuckold dominating. This week Christie is verbally demolishing any self respect the cuckold has left in his body. Shane Diesel is there to show the cuckold that dark rods are superior AND white girls have no use for pathetic, limber white weenies. Christie’s gorgeous meatballs veil a black heart that is hell bent on white boi humiliation. Christie’s verbal onslaught towards the cuckold temporarily ceases when her throat tries to wrap around Shane’s large, dark dick. Christie’s love for interracial sex goes hand in hand with her want to humiliate the white man. Christie has the cuckold put his petite jock in a enforced chastity thong as she proceeds to engulf on Shane’s dark chimney. Christie shows some lenience to the cuckold as she kisses his lips right after her face hole had a suction-like seal around the tip of Shane’s black ramrod. The cuckold’s session of humiliation doesn;t stop there. No. Christie Steven’s rides that bucking dark bull until her uterus almost falls out from her white love tunnel. The cuckold-now wearing Christie’s clothing- cant make no doubt of his eyes as Christie’s fur pie stretches from one side of the room to the other. The blond with the beautful busom gets her body rocked by Shane’s big darksome 10-Pounder until his darksome missle detonates inside her cookie. Take a wild guess as to who cleans up the aftermath of yet some other awesome interracial cuckold session.


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