Alysha Rylee

5 years ago

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Behind every meaty woman is a cuckold who lives,eats and breathes to yield her. Alysha Rylee is having her pathetic white boyfriend acquire her willing for a visit by Rico Powerful. Acquire Alysha’s long legs willing? No problem. How about smoothing out that white love tunnel for a black bull’s consumption? Where does that cuckold sign up? There is no thing the cuckold WILL NOT do if it means his queen receives the royal treatment. Previous to you know it we’re at Rico’s place and she’s laying down the law on the cuckold…right in advance of turning her attention to Rico’s large, darksome weenie. Alysha makes sure her cuckold can not receive any feeling in his wang by placing a male chastity play strap on it. Then again, he is white so there’s no point in putting a dead bird in a cage. Alysha’s mcrimson lips wrap around Rico’s biggest darksome ramrod as her heartbeat not quite drowns out her own screams. After a quick size comparison betwixt the 2 (guess who wins that battle), Alysha climbs on Master of Rico and finally feels like a real woman. The cuckold, needless to say, is baffled at the sight of his girlfriend making noises that he’s not ever heard. Alysha’s feels the full affect of Rico’s baby maker as she gets screwed a million ways to Compton. The cuckold’s pain solely acquires going when Alysha opens her ass cheeks for Rico’s-and ONLY Rico’s- black cock to invade. That giant darksome schlong slowly slides inside Alysha Rylee’s pulsating sphincter until his balls are nuzzled against her vagina. That taut, white wazoo of Alysha brings Rico to the point of no return and this fellow hoses her wazoo with his non-deviant milk. The cuckold quickly morphs into a human vacuum and cleans up his queen’s sticky rump.


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