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The tension between Kaylee Hilton and her stepfather has reached the boiling point. Kaylee’s 18 and in her first year of College. Kaylee’s had eyes for her instructor, Professor Michaels. The raunchy tension betwixt the two results in Professor Michaels risking his job as Kaylee is sucking on his big, black knob. The stepfather interrupts the festivities but Kaylee has blackmail over him in the form of episode of her stepdad acting as a cuckold. Kaylee knows that this babe has no thing to lose and forces the old boy to watch her acquire some biggest black schlong. The verbal beatdown she inflicts on him only ends when this babe proceeds to suck on Professor Miachels’ darksome 10-Pounder and her stepfather is useless to intervene and end the madness. Kaylee acquires naked and remind her mom’s husband that his marriage is in her hands. Kaylee’s pleasure with her instructor takes an interesting turn when the oral stimulation turns into an all out fuck-a-thon. Kaylee’s muff lastly feels the warmth of that large, black dick as her stepdad’s blood pressure rises to a dangerous level. That constricted, white twat receives opened up by large, darksome dick until the verbal assault towards her stepdad is temporarily halted. Professor Michaels’ black shlong changes targets and slips in betwixt her gazoo cheeks and into her colon. Kaylee’s a-hole opens up as wide as her stepdad’s eyes and she’s barely taken the tip of that dark strapon inside her bunghole. Kaylee slides down that biggest black weenie until her lovely cheeks meet the Professor’s hips. No mery is shown to her gazoo OR her stefather’s self esteem. The only way she’ll keep quiet about his secret is that that fellow is gotta clean off the dark sex cream from her ass. This encounter was unusual but cheaper and quicker than family therapy.


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