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9 years ago

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Mr. Vandella hasn’t been “cutting the mustard” as of late and professional assist was in order. I dragged my good-for-nothing husband down so that Dr. Jack Napier could suggest his service since my hubby was lacking in the bedroom. I made sure to wear my skankiest outfit to show off my cleavage as I verbally tore into the limber white meat I married. Dr. Napier’s radical remedy of having me become his fuck thrall was the only cure. Mr.Vandella sat like a dummy whilst I gagged and spat on the darksome behemoth that was in between the fine doctor’s legs. My eyes lit up like a shooting star with each inch of dark 10-Pounder that I successfully stuffed down my esophagus. I thought our session would end there,but my aching loins needed a second opinion. My spouse was getting amazing pointers during the time that Dr. Napier’s pulsating ding-dong went balls unfathomable on a normally neglected white fur pie. My giant love bubbles shook all over the doctor’s office while I got screwed by a dark 10-Pounder that indeed knew how to treat a white girl. The entire fiasco wasn’t without a verbal assault on my hubby’s eardrums as I constantly reminded him that his shortcomings made him less than a dude. My new cuckold took notice as my airtight pussy’s tight seal was broken by a giant,black dong and Mr.Vandella’s eyes locked in on this interracial sex rendezvous. My whole body couldn’t stop shaking from the orgasms Jack’s dark wang was inflicting and my small, little toes were soon overspread with his ghetto slop. I very well could not put my designer shoes back on those cum-drenched feet! I had the white loser clean up my ten little piggies.


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