Nika Noire

10 years ago

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Class is in session with Professor Michaels and submissive feeder, Chip. We begin things off with Chip opening a mouth to Professor Michaels and his tardiness. Instead of sinking to a cuckold’s level, the Professor -along with enormous chested, Nika Noire- makes a decision to have Chip attend a class in where Sean proves why white schlongs just do not,um, measure up. At Nika’s place this babe strips down to no clothes showing why Europeans are far more sexually advanced than Americans. Chip takes mental notes as Nika acts out some major black sword swallowing as this fellow quickly envies Professor Michaels and his enlarged dark dick. Nika stops briefly to ridicule the pickled porklink that Chip’s tighty whiteys are covering with ease. The humiliation towards the cuckold/student merely serves to make Nika Noire hornier and the merely dark dick in the room reaps the benefits. A bit of compassion and pity are shown to Chip as this dude is allowed to beat his thimble of a schlong while Nika’s fur pie receives screwed by a black penis that easily dwarfs the white boy’s. The smoke coming from Nika’s gash settles a bit during the time that her face hole hops back on a big darksome ramrod that resembles ones shes seen in interracial porn back in the Ukraine. The bedsheets acquire thoroughly moist with each pelvic thrust and vaginal violation that Nika’s body is enduring. The class bell rings when Professor Michaels fills Nika up with his country gravy. Chip, like a priceless cuckold, cleaned up and learned a precious lesson: Black ramrods just acquire it done right the first time.


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