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6 years ago

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I work my a-hole off to pay the bills and my sad sack of shit boyfriend will barely lift a finger to aid. Today, we had the movers take the last of the stuff out but one time I got a glimpse of ’em I lost interest in moving and wanted to move on their large black jocks. We had to get the boyfriend out of the way and they didn’t hesitate to manhandle the little faggot into the corner to see what was about to happen. I’m the consummate fucktoy for dark boyz since I got a bulky wazoo, biggest mangos, oh, and I’m blond……hehehe. I had a feeling they’d be large black rods but nothing could prepare me for the hoses that came out of their panties. I mean, seriously, these dark cocks had to be likewise large to be true but sucking on them eased my mind. Mmmm, I’m getting moist now just thinking about this chance collision of me vs the three hung black movers who put enjoyment previous to business. I sucked ’em until their balls were about to drain all over me but I would not hear any of that since my cookie hadn’t been taken care of in the longest time. One darksome man pounded me doggystyle as I sucked the other and my cuckold was powerless against it all. I was surrounded by big dark ramrod and I knew my holes were doing a great job of getting these fat jocks ready to explode on me. My cuckold cleaned me up or else he would have had three angry darksome chaps beat the shit without him . That guy obviously isn’t that dumb.


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