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Megan Foxx’ boyfriend’s credit score is as pathetic as his love making abilities. Megan and her worthless man have applied for a loan solely to learn that they fall short of getting some much needed specie. Loan Officer, Shane Diesel, has sufficiently seniority with the bank which means he can approve those risky applicants if Megan copulates his monstrous dark stick. Megan’s boyfriend, all limber TWO inches of him, has no choice but to watch the love of his life engulf down each inch of Shane’s dark fire hose. The white loser tastes Shane’s darksome dick from the lips of his beloved’s. The ordeal is only getting started as Megan sluggishly slips down the 9th wonder of the world that is Shane Diesel. Those large, dark balls thrashing against Megan’s snatch almost bring a tear to her cuckold’s eye since her knows this is the happiest his lady love has ever been. Each time Shane took his strong tool out Megan’s fuck gap closed up from a history of getting drilled by pencil-thin rods. Luckily, Shane kept enforcement Megan until his large darksome 10-Pounder reached the back of her mouth. Megan’s interracial sex came complete with a sore love tunnel, aching love bubbles and a cuckold who cleaned off Shane’s deposits from her knockers.


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