Jon Jon and TJ

6 years ago

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Mexican boys people lack the mental filter when speaking to me. This scrawny bartender came out and said he wanted to fuck me. He had the nerve to suggest up something that dude did not have: big darksome ramrod. His watered-down swallow was as bad as the horrible rap this chab spat at me. I informed him that merely large darksome knob would be enough for me and that a puny piece of shit like him wouldn’t be able to circumcised it. I not quite threw my swallow at him when Jon Jon came in and we one as well as the other made pleasure of the rat-faced bartender. We decided to show him how a white beauty likes getting screwed by large dark wang. That dude was within inches of Jon Jon’s single-tail flagellate giving me a workout. We got him bare to see what this guy was working with,(nothing at all) and had him wear a gas cover for worthwhile measure. Since he’s mexican his cleaning skills were perfect as I had him clean up after Jon Jon.


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