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9 years ago

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I’m the flawless girlfriend. I cook, I clean, and I wish shlong all day lengthy. It is just my luck that my boyfriend is the ideal loser. This man is white, he’s got a diminutive shlong, and it doesn’t work. He knows this chab cant satisfy me so to prove my point this stud is got to wear this adult baby device so his dead pecker will not rise. He get to likewise see his girlfriend engulf and fuck some fine dark dudes since he’s not ever UP to the job, he-he. I got dry face hole from spending the longest time poking the thickest and fattest black jocks because merely darksome cock will do. I did not must worry about my pussy being dry because that merely happens when my boyfriend tries climbing on dominant of me. He’s fortunate that this guy got to see me getting overspread all over with black cane and I’ve sworn to interracial sex since this day forward. That fellow licked up some of the fattest dark loads I’ve ever taken and he was a bit hesitant to clean up but that man has a history of being idle. Typical white boi he is.


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