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10 years ago

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The amount of white fellows screwed in the head that visit me for assist is amazing. My latest patient came to me coz his wife is addicted to big dark cock which leaves his diminutive white schlong without attention. I didn’t think schlongs got that miniature but when he showed me his midget member I could not hold back my laughing. Actually, I nearly lost it one time I had him put on the male chastity play strap and the idiot went along with it. It was time for me to take my skills to the next level even as unorthodox as it appeared to be. My patient got a front row seat to see exactly what his wife was doing in hopes that his understanding could salvage the marriage. I brought in Jason Brown (along with his 12 inches). First, I got on my knees, relaxed my mouth, and took him as far and deep as my gag reflexes would allow. So far , so good as far as my patient was anxious. The true test would be to watch how he’d react once he saw my white fuckbox getting plowed much like his wife’s is but behind closed doors. Jason then bent me over and slammed his large black shlong unfathomable into my uterus as my screams drowned out his moans. Our session would not be complete until the patient could come to terms that merely dark schlong could satisfy white hotties. How would that dude prove that? I made him clean up all the black sperm from my wazoo that Jason used as a target . Did I help out my patient? Who cares? As long as I got my fill of black knob then all was well. The icing on the cake was that I made my patient pay for the whole hour as I got destroyed.


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