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10 years ago

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In my country, Czechia, we do not know what “cuckold” is. I do know what it means to be a black cane doxy based on how I’ve been sucking and fucking dark meat for the longest time. Fortunate for me in America I can have a cuckold watch as I take in a dark jock the size of a fire hydrant. Shane “Horse Cock” Diesel showed me how to humilate white cuckold showing me that Americans can be truly mean. I let my white doxy kiss me a adult baby bit and m leaopard bikini looked as wonderful on him as it does me. I had to have that biggest black dick down my mouth since that is how precious Euro Strumpets do it. I’f I sucked my cuckold’s ramrod then I’d still have 99% of my throat free. That stud did come in handy as her widen my pink lips to welcome that dark rocket with balls as large as my cuckold’s head. Clean up was easy coz my cuckold and I share the same appetite for plump dark cum. He’s so pathetic but looks real cute in my beachware.


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