Callie Cobra

6 years ago

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Callie Cobra’s boyfriend has been mentally castrated. Callie not at any time stops informing her stud where his bread is buttered and her wish is his each command. Licking toes? No problem. Wear a male chastity belt while being ridiculed? Where does this fellow sign up? Callie’s going to take it up a level by having Rico Strong come over and make her feel like a woman. Callie’s cuckold of a boyfriend eventually has sufficiently and provokes Rico into laying him out. No thing can stop the interracial sex from continuing as Callie sucks on Rico’s big, black jock whilst her sad sack of shit boyfriend is in dreamland. Despite his unconsciousness Callie seizes the pont of time to acquire her fill of black cock. Callie rides Rico’s black firehouse pole until his nuts are massaging her neglected love button. Callie’s bawdy cleft continues to get ravaged by her recent darksome lover until u can almost see smoke coming from her slit. Rico slams her doggystyle as her screams must be incorporating themselves into her boyfriends fantasies. Rico’s balls finally explode unfathomable inside Callie as her chap wakes up to the aftermath and cleans her up.


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