Aiden Aspen

10 years ago

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Basketball to white angels is like kryptonite to Superman. It inevitably brings them the one and the other to their knees. Aiden Aspen was out watching her twink-like boyfriend discharge some hoops. Her attention was diverted when Jack Napier and Shane Diesel showed up to school the juvenile chap. That babe wanted to play with their balls and not the orange one her loser lover was palming. It was merely a matter of time previous to Aiden forget about monogamy so that babe could throw herself into an interracial sex rendezvous. Like a pathetic dog, her boyfriend followed in hopes this stud could talk her out of it. One time at home Aiden compulsory her cuckold to sit back and see how a white hotty craves to receive drilled. That babe tried wrapping her petite white hands around these big black hoses as a barefaced cracker looked on. Next, Aiden opened her mouth wide enough so that her neck would not snap from the huge anacondas now taking up space in her mouth. The snatch rings on Aiden might as well be a blinking light claiming, “For large dark dicks, merely!” That’s exactly what this babe got when Shane and Jack took turns not fast stretching out her white fuck aperture. Her screams would have ruptures her man’s eardrums had their been no dark knob lodged down her face hole. Aiden’s cuckold’s dinner bell rang when the one and the other darksome bulls unleashed a tidal wave on her stomach for the loser to chow down on. Aiden’s body will never be the same and neither will her boyfriend’s mental state.


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