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6 years ago

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My pretty soon to be ex-boyfriend ruined my PC by looking at internet porn. This chab got a virus in it and the computer repairman was quite pricey. This fellow is broke and could not afford the job so I stepped in to save his butt from a thug caning. After rencounter the repairman I decided that destroying my boyfriend’s ego whilst fucking that studly black guy would encourage him to get a job. First, we had to receive a chastity play thong for the love tunnel to wear as mine was getting pulverized. Sucking my cum-hole juices off of Shane’s large black cock was the majority nice dessert I have ever had. My dude watching it all was the icing on the cake. Shane would fuck me and we’d stop to make joy of my man’s “shortcomings”, ROTFL. That fellow was totally helpless as my vulva was getting ripped apart but in a precious way. I took that big black schlong from the Master, submissive, the side, and even from behind with that loser having an up close look. A black sperm pie was on today’s menu with my loser boyfriend on cleanup duty. Doesn’t that man look great with darksome ball batter on his face? I have the worst luck in picking white guys.


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