Cowgirl Riding The Dark Bull

7 years ago

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Categories: Candy Monroe

Billy, much like all white males, actually aren’t fine for much. That chap does have a rock intense sufficiently back to give his queen a horsey ride. U know that saying,”hung like a horse?”Well, it doesn’t apply here when the horse it white and can not get it up. Thankfully Billy couldn’t escape his knot and was able to witness what it actually takes to make me happy. My big dark stud came in, with a intense cock, and fucked me so raw. I nearly passed out from the sheer size of his large darksome pecker. Billy isn’t a fan of interracial sex but I’m and making him see it live have to have made his white blood boil. Billy did a precious cleanup of my dark man’s goo so I think I’ll keep him around a bit greater amount.


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