Lick My Cummy Abdomen

6 years ago

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This evening I phoned in my dinner order. I had a wonderful foot long darksome sausage delivered to me courtesy of Jason Brown. I had my loser white dude take a shower and wash his flaccid penis. Jason’s panties unzipped and my throat was engulfing the meat that fellow was packing. I not quite broke my jaw mummification my lips around it but that would have been pleasurable soreness. Before u could say ” flaccid white dick” I was taking Jason’s meat deep inside my cunt. It reached organs that no white guy could ever acquire to but that’s telling u what u already know. Tonight’s interracial sex romp would have been better had not the creepy cracker been jacking off inches away. That guy did serve a useful purpose as that man cleaned my belly of Jason’s D.N.A and that man was cheerful to do it.


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