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6 years ago

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A stroll in the park with my boyfriend became much more than either of us ever expected. We knew we were on the wrong side of the tracks when we came across some local gangsters who insane dogged my lad and I. After some chit chat I realized they’d rather fuck my tight , white body than knock his white gazoo out. I knew they had other plans in mind since I could see ’em undressing me with their eyes and I had a feeling they wondered what my marangos looked like with no shirt on. These dark thugs were about to check out coz it had been a whilst since my last filling of black jism and I was fiending for it bad! I had the boyfriend take me to their place and this fellow watched me take turns on all three dark jocks. I did not think that guy would be down for watching all of this but it was a better alternative then him spending the weekend in the E.R. This fellow had a court side seat as I went throughout the gauntlet of darksome jock but I was up to the challenge. Normally I fuck with his flabby white ramrod so I knew this would be no walk in the park, hahaha.. I never felt like greater quantity than a doxy as I did this day since those black fellows didn’t stop pounding my throat and twat. I didn’t await him to engulf up the dark mess left behind but he did as I asked since I’d deny him future entrance to my cunt if he didn’t.


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Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan

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5 years ago

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