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If my boyfriend had a decent income then we could hire professional contractors instead of relying on him and myself doing this manual labor. I’m way too charming and hawt to be doing this kind of work plus I’m already avid at him ‘coz he copulates like he’s in a coma. It was time to turn the table on him so we had some black pros come in to do the job for us. I offered my fur pie and mouth as payment since the boyfriend makes as much as a high school grocery bagger. Their big and warm hands explored each inch of my body right previous to my mouth sucked in each inch of their darksome ramrods. My guy was in the back attempting to work as I chowed down on some dark sticks which eventually led to my caucasian cunt. This job website in a short time became web site of where I’d take on three dark rods which was a 1st for me. I was finally treated like a little white slut and not made love to like my boyish sub insists on doing. I also insisted that that man mop up some darksome cum but with his throat since he is very limited at even the almost any basic of skills. This guy managed not to fuck it up and now our place needs electrical work. Hopefully these darksome lads can come back and do that for us since my love for interracial sex has been nonstop since our final meeting.


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Tori Lux

Tori Lux

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5 years ago

Cuckold Sessions

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