Mrs. Dimarco’s Loving Cuck-Husband

6 years ago

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Gia Dimarco likes her husband. They have a glad marriage however, a woman like Gia can not be completely pleasured by merely one stud and Dietrich knows this. That man scours the internet to discover suitable men to fuck his wife. The massive criteria is that their weenies are much larger than his measly 4 inches. Gia locks Dietrich’s cock up for the night and spanks him into subjugation in advance of her bull arrives. One time this fellow does she is tickled pink because her spouse discovered a ideal well-hung chap for her. They relax a adult baby with a cocktail and Wolf films Gia as she pounds her undressed husband in the ass. This babe loves to leave little mementos of his humiliation for him to watch whilst she’s away fucking other dudes. She commands him to get her bull worthy and hard with his mouth. A precious husband keeps the schlongs hard for his wife in any case this chab can, no matter how humiliating it’s. Gia fucks her dude every which way having multiple orgasms whilst her spouse is made to see. Wolf blows his sexy load all over Gia’s bawdy cleft and Dietrich is made to clean up the smutty sex with his throat!


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