Maitresse T cuckolds and blackmails her gambling addicted spouse!

6 years ago

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Headmistress T is exquisite in this update. She can’t live without cuckolding and it shows through her humiliating verbal and intensity. Where else would a Mastix bring her gambling addicted spouse then to Divine Sluts to be punished? Acquire this, that stud even tried to pay off his gambling debt by shooting porn with a ladyman and hoping his wife would at no time find out! Nice luck buddy! When you are married to a woman like Female-dom T u can’t get everything passed her and this babe will take every measure possible to slap you! What better way then to fuck a stronger, smarter, sexier more well endowed stud, do it on Divine Strumpets and for the entire world to see??!! This update includes intensive humiliation, drubbing, slapping, diminutive jock humiliation, CFNM, commanded schlong engulfing and CUCKOLDING!


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5 years ago

Divine Cucks

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