Maggie Matthews

7 years ago

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I’m a size queen. I loathe love making but I love getting my love tunnel destroyed by black dick. My tractable cuckold today knew that I was in charge and nothing would change that. I slapped his in nature’s garb white booty with a ruler, and verbally circumcised him down to size. I was favourable enough to discover a bunch of big, black rods and I were throughout a black cane slut tournament of dark shlong. My idiot cuckold could hear exactly how white girls love to be treated as my uterus not quite fell out from a non-stop pounding of super-sized dark weenies. When I wasn’t stuffing a black dong past my tonsils I was taking one in my bawdy cleft which will almost certainly be loose from this point on. This fellow was a decent adult baby cuckold since that chap didn’t hesitate to clean me up after I drained these chubby dark balls of all their DNA. Next time I might let him see just a bit of the mayhem………..maybe.


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