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5 years ago

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My name is Julia Ann and I’ve been in adult movie for quite some time. I’ve thought I’ve seen it all but today I am getting my own personal cuckold to service me. He is a subhuman white guy who does whatsoever his Dominant-bitch Julia Ann craves. I felt like having him in a worship veil while I walk him around to show to everyone how much of a sad sack of shit he’s. The only thing my Cuckold will not do is turn into a impressive, powerful dark man with a weenie that is as wide as my arm. Luckily I called two over to fulfill my interracial sex needs and Jack Napier and Justin Long more than filled the requirement. The closest my cuckold gotta my pussy was smelling my pants as that chap watched me engulf darksome knobs which nearly snapped my neck in half. My zeppelins were given plenty of attention and that’s no shock since they’re a magnet for darksome lads who love corpulent cans. I gave the cuckold the privilege of watching me go back and forth on powerful dark sticks as my twat paid the price. That fellow is such a pathetic moron but there’s a soft spot in my heart for cuckolds who enjoy watching their woman acquire ravaged by the thickest and huge darksome jocks around. Then again, his choices are limited since that guy ain’t packing much in the meat department.


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