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5 years ago

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Peter is my brand recent table. His powerful back is able to support my braces, scented candles, and a blindfold which all go into play. You see, I am cuffing Peter so that guy cant move and touch his pathetic 10-Pounder. Then I am plan to leak hot wax on his back. I wouldn’t be doing all this if his 10-Pounder was a reasonable size but that fellow is white so it isn’t. Charlie Mac finally showed up and gave a live demonstration as to how Candy Monroe gets gratified. His chubby darksome wang almost reached the middle of my abdomen and I receive to have soaked his rod several times in the process. My little princess was there the entire time to receive some pointers. The sad sack of shit did a decent job of cleaning the darksome spunk off of me. pay close attention to the clean up. U can pinpoint the exact pont of time his soul leaves his body.


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