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7 years ago

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If u had a worthwhile, youthful white piece of arse like me at home would you be able to acquire it up for me? Certainly you would but my boyfriend just can’t appear to be to rise to the defiance. I am at my wit’s end and about to break up with him but I got one more use for him. I crave him to see me take on some local dark thugs and then clean me off like a nice adult baby cuckold. If this chab didn’t consent then he would be out on his gazoo and shit out of luck. This guy bit the bullet and allowed me to call over some dark bulls so they could have their way with me. After all, none of this would be necessary if that man was packing at least an average sized schlong and could keep it up longer than 10 seconds. Hindsight is 20/20 and I took well over Twenty inches of violent darksome dick in my mouth and snatch. It was 360 degrees of dark shlong which made me think I died and went to darksome knob wench heaven. I was guilty of smiling and laughing as the darksome lads too ripped my guy a fresh backdoor with all their shit talking and that man wasn’t about to step up to ’em or there might have been a homicide. The solely death at our abode was his fragile ego dying as this chap saw how dark lads fuck adult baby white harlots and the loads they discharged nearly drowned me. That chap cleaned me up cuz this man is a wench but he’s my slut.


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